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About AASM

The Asian-African Society of Mycobacteriology

(AASM) is a non-profit,scientific organization whose mission is to establish unilateral,bilateral and multilateral networks of scientific research and training among experts from AASM countries.

The AASM is committed to:

  • To make a network of laboratories whose aim is to increase the quality control and quality assurance within the inter and intra-region AASM countries
  • Improve diagnosis,treatment and prevention of mycobacterial diseases.
  • To review and participate in new-diagnostic tests that upgrade the rapid detection of mycobacterium
  • To collaborate and participate in the introduction of new drug(s) and prepare protocols for treatment of mycobacterial diseases
  • To invest and collaborate with laboratories whose aim is to design and produce new vaccines for tuberculosis and other mycobacterium
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information through scientific meetings and publications
  • Promote activities geared to prevent mycobacterial diseases within AASM countries.
  • Promote training programmes for MD and PhD students within AASM and with established universities throughout the world
  • Promote funding for researchers whose aim is to develop new diagnostic kits and procedures
  • Facilitate the research on mycobacterial diseases for researchers
  • Advise,cooperate and participate with governmental and non-governmental agencies in matters of common interest.
  • To establish and maintain a close link with those agencies who work to prevent mycobacterial diseases worldwide (e.g.,WHO,CDC,ASM,IUATLD,etc.)
  • To raise the funds and donations for activities geared to prevent mycobacterial diseases.