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Abstract Topics

The 2nd Asian-African Congress of Mycobacteriology is interested in attracting abstracts on the following broad topics:

  •       Microbiology of mycobacteria.
  •       Molecular biology of mycobacteria.
  •       Clinical features of mycobacteria.
  •      Non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (NTM).
  •      TB diagnostics: microscopy,culture and rapid detection methods.
  •      Treatment of drug resistance (MDR-TB,XDR-TB,TDR-TB).
  •      Epidemiology & molecular epidemiology of TB.
  •      TB control strategies.

  •      Immunology and pathogenesis of TB.

  •      Vaccines and drug development.
  •      Drug susceptibility testing.
  •      Quality management systems and quality assurance.
  •      Mycobacterium bovis.
  •      Mycobacterium leprae. 
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